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Why do the local stores need to advertise in the community apartments?

Digital out-of-home advertising has become one of the rapid-growing media sectors in the world. As per the latest research, more than 94% of media professionals can research and plan to augment their investment in the channel network. Outdoor advertising or DOOH media can be easily found on billboards, digital signals and LED screens that are located in high-traffic public spaces. DOOH offers a completely fresh perspective and a new outlook since its inception.

During the post-Covid era, it became increasingly essential to rethink the OOH innovation. This paved way for DOOH by global brands and local retailers. Proaddo comes with a radical approach that allows digital outdoor screen systems. In this blog, we are going to lay emphasis on the various reasons why local retailers and brands should advertise in public communities and the importance of DOOH as the largest form of digital screen network. 

Important Capabilities of Digital Display System

As one of the oldest forms of advertising OOH has undergone evolution during the last few years. With the passing of time, brand marketers are shifting to online digital advertising as a result of granular targeting and attribution abilities. In addition to embellishing the visual potential of static adverts through sound and movement. Digital OOH is capable of delivering full-funnel activation and measurement allowing brands to reach their potential target audience.

Digital OOH involves:

  • Complete support for various content formats comprising full-motion graphics, digital imagery, 4K video and so forth.
  • Programmatic transaction for seamless omnichannel campaign integration, audience and targeting.
  • Offers real-time data integration for flexible and fast campaign scheduling.
  • Rational and triggered playback with in-built data sensors allowing interactive campaigns and delivering content relevancy.

How Residential Lift Lobby Screens Are A Part of Digital Screens?

Nowadays, digital screens are strategically positioned to ensure premium visibility at lift lobbies where ads are played in loops. It allows brands to seamlessly establish their existence in a work-from-home environment. The digital screens offer a flair to brands to showcase their products/services. This new evolution in OOH allows brands to target their audience demographics accurately with an ability to select localities and communities. With DOOH it has become easier to advertise their nearby retail locations and offer services catering to a specific demographic. ProAddo comprises advanced mechanisms enabling creative changes and contextual customization.

After suffering from the pandemic local retailers & businesses felt the relevance of digitization that will radically transform the retailer’s capability to administer interactive media experiences. Global brands like Walmart, Target etc. are making effective usage of retail media networks combined with dynamic content to engage consumers creating a long-lasting impression.

Maximizing The Efficacy of Cross-channel Campaigns

For winning on top, designing multi-channel marketing campaigns are always relevant. The process of harnessing ProAddo DOOH media alongside a web or mobile campaign strives to increase the overall audience reach and amplify the foot traffic by an average of 70%. ProAddo DOOH is a distinct type of media that not only operates as a way to reach high-intent shoppers but also acts as a process of delivering a feature-rich experience for consumers.

Improved Accessibility  

The rising opportunity to activate DOOH as a part of programmatic campaigns has coincided with a rise in confidence. It administers improved accessibility and offers marketers/brand advertisers the capability to measure digital OOH efforts.

The amalgamation of innovation and technology

If you want your ad to stand out from the crowd, then it is relevant to capture the attention of the target audience through digital out-of-home experiences. The digitization of the OOH industry has created abundant data rendering unmatched creative possibilities for consumer engagement. Right from large format screens to location-based displays that integrate functionality in significant environments, ProAddo digital media network offers crucial engagement opportunities to retailers and local stores to advertise in community apartments. 

Moment-based trigger content combined with strong digital media screens can change the way brands connect with customers.

Building Brand Awareness

Brands and local retailers begin looking for alternative ways to valuably engage with consumers. ProAddo renders an excellent opportunity to communicate with potential customers. DOOH is visually appealing in most parts of the world. Brands are capable of amplifying and building brand awareness as consumers are responsible for DOOH media at different points.

Delivering stunning advertising experiences

As per the latest research, it has been seen that the majority of global ad experts predict that DOOH ad expenses will augment in the upcoming years. This has led to a reduction in data privacy concerns, as DOOH audience tracking data is entirely distinct from online tracking. ProAddo targeting utilizes mobile location data to create a complete scene of the target audience movement. It helps local retailers to serve consumers with significant content leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Engage Consumers Close To the Point of Sale

One of the major benefits of DOOH is the potential to engage consumers online when they have the most intent to purchase products while doing side-by-side working or social media. It enables brands to reach consumers with digital signage in community apartments, lift lobbies, transit hubs, roadside billboards and so forth. 

The new medium of ProAddo allows brands to target their audience demographics with the capability to choose localities. The digital screens have many options comprising flash sales, quick time campaigns, festive offers, and store events. 

Reporting & Analytics

Another critical advantage of DOOH is that media experts can pay only for impressions and receive detailed reports on the running campaigns. DOOH campaigns are capable of generating viewership analytics just like online ads. It offers flexibility to retail marketers and network operators with a strong digital platform enabling advertisers to stay on top of campaigns. 

Final Thought

OOH has been an age-old concept however, evolution to digital OOH has been a brand new concept impacting the overall local retailer’s mode of marketing. It benefits global brands and local retailers to advertise on digital screens in public places comprising communities, lift lobbies, billboards and many more. ProAddo is the best interactive digital display network system offering a highly revolutionized platform for digitized advertising. It engages a complete community of decision-makers in products/services. Proaddo offers a complete solution to traffic updates, trivia, quizzes, city events, top deals, product launches, in-house announcements and many more. Connect with us and explore newer ways to make your business grow.


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